The moment I accepted my life was a beautiful, chaotic, sometimes a little-messy-but-always-entertaining circus was the moment I felt a true release.

There's no sense in fighting the madness, but I've picked up a few tricks to keep the show going along the way.

I hope they work as well for you as they have [and still do] for me.

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2:22 a.m.

Posted in life


That’s what time it is right now – 2:22 a.m. on Monday, September 15th.  I’ve actually been awake since 11:40 p.m. on Sunday, September 14th, though. I can’t seem to shut off my mind tonight.  Truthfully I had no problem doing that at 9:09 p.m. when I fell asleep, but looks like the ol’ sub-c (subconscious) has different plans in store for me at the moment.  As I can’t seem to get logged in and knock out some a little work right now, I thought I’d stop back by here and send you guys a note.

First, one thousand and one thank yous for the kind welcome back words! Your emails made my day and it was like I’d never even left. I’m so looking forward to catching up with each of you and finding out what has been going on in your lives this past year and a half.  I cannot express enough gratitude to each of you on this one.

Second, I have a feeling I may have stumbled across my reasoning for coming back to the blogosphere.  It’s something I’m not quite ready to discuss just yet, but I know I will in time.  Since my return post last week there’s been a giant, running list of everything I want to write and tell you about – things I’m learning about, reading up on, doing, etc. etc.  The list ranges from what’s going on in the day job, to reiki treatments, pole dancing, exploring my finances and healing my relationship with money, embracing vulnerability, cooking, the love/hate relationship I have with the plethora of self help articles everywhere, training for my 3rd half marathon and 1st full marathon, skin care tips (cause you know I’ve got ’em), gratitude lists and so.much.more.

Thank you again for being on this journey with me and joining me under the big top.

I should probably try to get some rest before the next “show” begins in ….. oh, about 4 hours or so. [Awesome.]

Happy Monday, I hope it is the best start to a new week you have year to date!

love & magic,

jennie b

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