The moment I accepted my life was a beautiful, chaotic, sometimes a little-messy-but-always-entertaining circus was the moment I felt a true release.

There's no sense in fighting the madness, but I've picked up a few tricks to keep the show going along the way.

I hope they work as well for you as they have [and still do] for me.

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A Blast from the Past

I was working on a post for tomorrow when I happened to glance at the Related Posts showing in the preview.  It’s been a long time since I’ve gone through some of my older posts from my Jennie B in SC or even my Sassy Steel Magnolia days, but something about these two made me stop and take a few minutes.

It was March of 2010 and while I hadn’t forgotten the events of this fateful [and down right hilarious] night, I had forgotten just how much I put my trust in knowing I would be taken care of, that things would work out.  Reading through I laughed so many times and my eyes even watered a little at how fearless I had been in that moment and how I just went with my gut instincts without talking myself out of anything.

I don’t quite know if given the same situation would I do it all again, but I can only hope that a glimmer of the same faith and trust in the moment would make itself known.  If you have a few minutes, I invite you to read parts 1 and 2 of A Series of Unfathomable Events.

A Series of Unfathomable Events {part 1}

A Series of Unfathomable Events {part 2}

I think you’ll agree that it’s always been a Circus around these parts.  This two posts just show what happens when that circus gets taken on the road….


jennie b

music snack : accidentally …..

After Monday’s sassy starter, I found myself in a challenge to find a Music Snack with quite the serendipitous message about it.

After scouring my towers of mixed tapes ….. I think I came up with a pretty good one.

While serendipity can happen in any area of life, I find it to be most serendipitous when you catch yourself completely taken aback — fortunately surprised — and accidentally in love.

Counting Crows – Accidentally in Love

♫ ♪  Cause every body’s after love.  ♪ ♫

… and sometimes it just happens accidentally.

{ happy wednesday }


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maybe in a past life..

Do you believe in past lives? I believe in past lives.  I believe that while the heart of your soul goes on to an afterlife when you pass, a part of your soul carries on from life to life.

It’s my belief that there’s things we just can not explain here in this life, things we may not ever fully understand about ourselves, because they possibly could have been a part of a past life. Have you ever been drawn to certain things but aren’t sure why? Maybe have a deep connection to a certain city – even though you’ve never been there, or a secret fascination you can’t recall when it started, or possibly an innate habit not even your parents can tell you how it started?

I catch glimpses of what my past lives could have been almost every day in my writings, when day dreaming, in subtle actions. I can always ramble off a list of possible past lives and occupations. A circus performer …. a gypsy …. a daughter of the Gilded Age. All of these (and many others) I am drawn to in this life, for one reason or another, although none can I fully explain as to why. It’s a feeling – a whispered answer, that I can barely make out, to questions that I didn’t even know existed. Like when you go somewhere and realize you’ve already been there but can’t recall when. A true to the bone instance of déjà vu. Is it a meme from a past life or simply coincidence? My vote is a meme.

 Who knows, maybe in a past life I was a part of The Greatest Show On Earth or a band of gypsies or a New England summer-er. That could quite possibly explain a lot.

What about you? What do you think you could have been in a past life?

photo: pinterest

music snack *undiscovered

I can only sit and laugh [because when there’s nothing else to do, just laugh] at the fact that of course when I set a goal to blog every day for one month, a flood gate opened and life turned a bit upside down. It’s how my life works sometimes. Ok, all the time. But alas – I’m back. After a week of going dark [hardly any online activity], I’m slowly trying to get back in the game.

Things got pretty crazy this past week. Especially over the weekend. There were a lot of questions thrown at me – that I threw at myself – which led to a lot of contemplating, which steered me in the direction of worrying, which landed me in Lost~ville. And then as if someone Upstairs were listening to my self-directed conversations, this song came through my speakers Monday afternoon. And while I still find myself with a heavy head, it’s not quite as heavy after listening to this one on repeat for the past few days ….

James Morrison – Undiscovered

I’m not lost …. just Undiscovered.


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sassy starter ~ that 4th leaf

The four-leaf clover is an uncommon variation of the common, three-leaved clover, and according to tradition, such leaves bring good luck to their finders, especially if found accidentally.

Legend has it that each leaf represents something:

  • the first is for hope
  • the second is for faith
  • the third is for love
  • the fourth is for luck

With an estimated 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every four-leaf clover, no wonder that 4th leaf represents luck.

:: sending you a clover or two [with 4 leaves] for the week ahead ::

“Wherever you go and whatever you do, May the luck of the Irish be there with you” – Irish Blessing


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photo credit: we♥it

music snack : dancing in the moonlight

Just a few things I’m Thankful for today …

• The beautiful full moon that’s out this week.
• Being in Mississippi, surrounded by some of my favorite people for my dear friends’ wedding.
• Laughing at wonderful stories floating around in the spirit of Thanksgiving & Wedding celebrations.
• How many great memories this song brings back.
• And of course, dancing in the moonlight.

Toploader – Dancing in the Moonlight

(if you have trouble viewing this video, please click here)


The Music Snack comes out every Wednesday to put a little rhythm in your week. Requests are always welcome, so don’t be shy!

Mah-velous Magnolia : Soul Sister

Tomorrow evening my Soul Sister, the Charlotte to my Carrie, is getting married to the love of her life.  This week’s Mah-velous Magnolia badge goes out to Sarah M. Alvarez.


Sarah and I met at a party right after the end of our Junior year of high school and were near inseparable after that.  Through ups and downs, ins and outs, fall outs and fall ins, we’ve spent the last 9 years as many friends have. We’ve drifted in and out of each others lives, going to separate colleges and moving to separate cities after graduation but one thing has always remained constant. That one thing being that no matter what has happened or what is happening, the one thing you can hold onto that never changes – we both just understand.

It doesn’t matter what reason I’ve called or emailed, I know she’ll understand. She just gets it. And that’s rare to find these days. Never trying to change one another and taking life one situation at a time – whether it be filled with tears or laughter – is how we have seemed to keep our Soul Sisterly bond in tact over these past 9 years.

Did I mention we sing to you on special occasions? But only the Grease Mega Mix.

Near polar opposites, it makes me laugh as I look at all the ways we differ. The hopeless romantic never gave up on this once bitterly cynical sarcastic and eventually rubbed off on her a little. Now whether or not the high fashion princess part will do the same is up in the air — well, maybe the princess part is already there but I’m not too sure about the high fashion, I do love my layered, lounging habits. 😉  But maybe that’s why it works. We balance each other out in some crazy, off the wall kind of way.

And so tomorrow as Sarah marries her Prince Charming – her Harry, if you will – I wouldn’t be surprised if this Sassy Steel Magnolia finds herself coming to tears.  This Carrie’s Charlotte is beginning a whole new Fairy Tale, one that she never gave up on, one that should inspire us all.

Congratulations to my wonderful Soul Sister, Sarah, and her Knight in Shining Armour, Kevin.



The Mah-velous Magnolia badge will be awarded each Friday to a selected lady {or a few..or fellas..we’ll see!} who has had an impact on my week.  Who knows — maybe you’ll be up next!

Mah-velous Magnolia – Writing Yoda

I’ve been waiting for just the right moment to send out the Mah-velous Magnolia badge to this very special person – my dear friend, my Writing Yoda and someone who knows what it’s like to having dancing monkeys in your head – the talented and inspiring, Angie Mizzell.

I met with Angie this past Saturday morning at my favorite coffee shop on Sullivan’s Island for a little coffee chatter. I always look forward to meeting up with her because good things always come out of our meetings. I was exceptionally interested in hearing how her book is progressing. It’s always fascinating getting together with fellow writers and learning their inspirations, techniques for writing, working through questions and situations which may seem trivial to others but are key to us in the writing world. The whole situation in itself in entirely refreshing, reassuring and encouraging.

I walked away from the coffee shop with a great many images of future unfolded. I won’t give away too many of those images just yet, but I will say – the prevailing image so vividly clear is one day soon, I will look over at my night stand where my most cherished books are displayed and see her Memoirs (ahem — signed, of course!) sitting next to my own Novels and laugh a little as I think back….and remember when.

Go visit Angie over at her site, say hello and make sure to subscribe. Inspiration is waiting right around the corner.…stories about life, love and leaps of faith

Take a look back at the always changing journey of Angie and I through blog posts:

The first time I really believed I was a writer: Living on Dreams & Spaghettios
I’d never been a guest blogger before:
Oh Angie!
The documented first time we met in real life:
aspiring author’s candy shop
When the tables were turned and she guest posted for me:
The Road to Home
Angie’s  perfect choice for Mid-Week Music Snack:
strength, courage and wisdom
I received my first blog award!
sunshine award 🙂
The result from our first coffee chatter:
My Big Opera Moment
And a little
Celebration for a job well done.

It’s been quite the journey indeed and it’s only just beginning. Ellen, keep an eye out .. we’ll be knocking on your door soon!


The Mah-velous Magnolia badge will be awarded each Friday to a selected lady {or a few..or fellas..we’ll see!} who has had an impact on my week.  Who knows — maybe you’ll be up next!