The moment I accepted my life was a beautiful, chaotic, sometimes a little-messy-but-always-entertaining circus was the moment I felt a true release.

There's no sense in fighting the madness, but I've picked up a few tricks to keep the show going along the way.

I hope they work as well for you as they have [and still do] for me.

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Tuesday Jams – Cake by the Ocean

MBC_My Year of ACTION_Feature Image - tuesday jams 2

This song just puts me in a damn good mood. It’s so much fun to sing and I love it when it comes on my playlist during class. Maybe I’m a bit biased because I do live by the Ocean, but it’s a solid jam. Enjoy..

Warning: Explicit lyrics. Ridiculous video.

Trouble viewing this video? Watch here.

Dance on, Campers!

Jennie B

Good things happen on Tuesdays. – Sista Sista, Jessica

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