The moment I accepted my life was a beautiful, chaotic, sometimes a little-messy-but-always-entertaining circus was the moment I felt a true release.

There's no sense in fighting the madness, but I've picked up a few tricks to keep the show going along the way.

I hope they work as well for you as they have [and still do] for me.

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I’m not made of tiger blood as a certain Sheen apparently is, but I do indeed feel like throwing the #winning around lately. Remember those goals I told you about a few weeks ago? Well I’m happy to report I can officially cross two of them !

10 mile bike ride? CHECK!


Of course I made Justin stop for a photo op at the state line.

Running my first 5k since college? CHECK!


BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. (<—- that’s a boom of excitedment) Who doesn’t love a good overly-dramatic finish for the camera? Thanks, KG, for capturing my big moment. ha ha

And here’s a few more pictures from my trip to Connecticut. It was such a wonderful couple of days – I’m pretty sure I might still be on an emotional high from it all. I love my family.

My 80 lb early morning wake up call, Cadi.

My Sista Sista with my Precious Baby Niece and Goddaughter, Amelie. She’s the first baby I have ever willingly held in all my 28 years.

I don’t want to share too much, so that’s all for now. Just wanted to let yall know that I did indeed survive goals # 1 & 2. (still working on that # 3 but I’ve still got a few months) This past weekend I did yet another thing that shocked the ca-rap even out of me, but I’ll share that with you soon.

What can I say – life is good, my friends. Life is good.

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  1. Christina
    May 16, 2012

    congrats jboo, knew you could do it!!


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