The moment I accepted my life was a beautiful, chaotic, sometimes a little-messy-but-always-entertaining circus was the moment I felt a true release.

There's no sense in fighting the madness, but I've picked up a few tricks to keep the show going along the way.

I hope they work as well for you as they have [and still do] for me.

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“You think too much sometimes.”

Posted in lessons learned, life

Yes that is a quote. And yes, that quote was said to me. By the wisest man I’ve ever known.

I was rambling off a million and one over-analytical, hypothetical, what if‘s in a conversation which took place in my parents’ sun room during Easter Holiday in 2007. I’ve always been one to come up with crazy, off the wall stories …. I can spin ’em with the best of ’em …. but there’s a fine line between creative story telling and completely wasting energies over-thinking faux (and real) life scenarios, unravelling all the tiny details which were, could have been, or had been involved.

While I was losing complete sight at the situation at hand, my Father – the man infamous for being the first to tell a person they need to sit down and think something through – waited patiently until I paused my nonsensical ramblings to turn his head and say …… “You think too much sometimes.”

That’s it. That was the end of the conversation. And with every passing month, I catch myself learning more and more the truth of that statement. A life lesson on when your thinking gets in the way with your living wrapped up in five words and ending with a period.

Sometimes that’s all it takes.

p.s. Look at what I found after months of it missing ……

The pistol pendant is back where it belongs. And not a moment too soon!


  1. Lou Mello
    July 30, 2012

    We all over think it sometimes. If you find yourself talking a bit longer than you had intended and your friends eyeballs have rolled back into their foreheads, you might be thinking too much. 🙂

  2. Angie Mizzell
    July 31, 2012

    I could also benefit from the wisdom of your father’s five words that end with a period. And I’m thrilled you found the pendant.

  3. Katie
    November 6, 2012

    Great post, sometimes it only takes one moment to change the rest of your life. Thanks for sharing!

    Sweet Apple Lifestyle


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